Welcome October

Welcome October! First Day Of Blogtober

Welcome October!!, Hey, there loves it’s, the first day of blogtober!!. I’ll post daily for the next 30 days, so stay tuned!!! So to start blogtober with a bang!!!! I want to say happy birthday to my bestie!!! Happy birthday, hun, I hope you have an awesome day!!!. I pray that October is the most amazing month you’ve had all year. Filled with more opportunities, success, and a lot of your wishes coming through

It’s also my mom’s birthday in a few days and also my birthday in a few too. Happy birthday to all my Libra kings and queens reading this. Blogtober is not only about posting fall content but it’s also about growing and promoting one another. Blogging has been one of my loves since 2014 when I got one of the worst news and one of the worst things that happened, I turned to one of the only things I knew. Which was writing, and my writing turned into my blogging. Who knows I may share it for blogtober or maybe at a later time.

Welcome October

May it be a month of continued success

May it be filled with new hopes and happiness

It will be filled with abundance, love and good health


Many things will happen but they don’t define you

Focus on what you are, not what you aren’t

Flowers need time to bloom so do you

Strive for progress not perfection


Blogs you should check out for October The Wild Flower Wifey Sharing Life’s Moments

Dust off your favourite fall and Christmas movies!! and let’s start binging!. Typing this I can feel that October is gonna be amazing!!. Do you feel it?!. It’s also breast cancer awareness month, ensure you are doing your checkups and taking care of yourself.


October is the month when you start to finally see all your hard work pay off. A month of great opportunities, more life force energy, more creativity, more inner peace, more breakthroughs, more answers, and awareness for great health and success.

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