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TOAST Restaurant And Gelato: Review

TOAST Restaurant And Gelato is a must-visit, add it to your list of places/restaurants to visit or even your bucket list. Before I get into the post to share my experience, I wanna check in with you all, how are you doing loves? I’m doing ok, I know I promised you Blogtober but I did express why I stopped on Twitter. For those not following me on Twitter! Follow me!

I’ve had TOAST on my bucket list to visit since I found out my classmate opened up her restaurant. What better time to visit than on my birthday!! I celebrated my birthday on October 8th and had a wonderful evening with my partner; the only missing was the people closest to me. I am still reminiscing about the whole evening, still very much on cloud 9.

TOAST Restaurant And Gelato are located at 75 ward ave, Mandeville, Jamaica. My first impression when I walked in was wow! The ambience was great, as we entered we were greeted and seated. The menu was brought out to us and a basket with garlic bread and a pitcher of water. We had a variety of things to choose from on the menu, however, I had already known what I wanted.

TOAST Restaurant JA

Many times you go to restaurants and you don’t know what wine or drink to pair your meal with. Their menu shows you what wine or drink would pair well with whatever dish you chose which is a plus. The waiter was very patient with us as we chose what to drink. We did not wait long to receive our food which was another plus for me. If it’s one thing I hate is going to a restaurant and waiting over a certain amount of time for my food.

Everything we ordered was delicious, I had chicken and waffles with a side of mashed potatoes. The mashed potato is the best I’ve tasted so far from trying mashed potato at different eating spots. My drink order was an electric lemonade and it was delicious!!. My partner got wings with fries and he enjoyed it, said it was the best he’s tasted for his drink, and he got an espressotini, I tried it and wow I wanted to steal it lol. However, I was enjoying my drink too. Did I mention that the garlic bread was good too, now you know!.


The waiters were kind and very attentive in checking in on us. I wanted to do dessert but I was stuffed. Overall I highly recommend you visit TOAST Restaurant And Gelato. The customer service, the food the drinks, everything was great. I had no complaints.

The restaurant has an outdoor indoor vibe which is aesthetically pleasing. That evening the rain started to drizzle a bit and I observed as they all took up the chairs and tables and placed what they could under the covered area so that all customers could be comfortable and stay dry. I commend them for this because I have been to places where they didn’t care if you got wet or that you were comfortable at their establishment.

For content creators, this is a great spot for you to visit and get content for your vlogs etc. The aesthetic is beautiful, a great spot to visit with your partner, friends and family. I want to revisit as many times as I can so I can try all I possibly can on the menu. What I am looking forward to on the next trip is trying the gelato.

You can visit their website HERE. Follow them on INSTAGRAM. If you’re ever in Jamaica or want to add a new restaurant to your bucket list this is a must-try.

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