Teas to boost your immune system

Teas To Boost Your Immune System

With Covid-19 going on we want to do everything we possibly can to keep our immune system boosted in order for our bodies to help in fighting the viruses going around. Not only that but the weather has been very bipolar lately too. Many of us do struggle with sinusitis or allergies so it is very vital that we keep our immune system as strong as we possibly can.

Today I will be sharing with you some amazing herbal teas you can drink in helping to boost your immune system. Everyone should know this one and its Garlic, it is a common household item that we all use as a seasoning in the food we eat. Some people don’t like garlic but it has many amazing benefits.

GARLIC TEA – Garlic  contains anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Garlic is great to use when you have flu like symptoms. You can either cut it into small pieces and swallow it with fruit juice. For those who can acquire the taste you can simply chew it. Another way would be to boil the garlic. You can drink it as is or sweeten with honey.  If you struggle with high/low blood pressure do not take it too often as it can fluctuate your blood pressure.  You can also get garlic oil tablets in gel form in your local pharmacies or health food stores if you don’t want to take the raw garlic.                                                             

LEMON AND HONEY – This is one of the oldest immune boosters I know. I have been getting lemon and honey for cold or flu since I was a little girl growing up. You can either have the lemon juice and honey only. Or you can add lemon to your tea of choice and steep it then add honey. Lemon has with vitamin C which helps in boosting your immune system. Did I mention that lemon and honey is also antiviral and antibacterial?. Yes you herd right. Lemon has so many benefits beyond this but we will get more into details about lemon in another post.       

ROSEMARY TEA – Rosemary is used in so many ways. People use it as an herb in their kitchen to cook. Rosemary tea helps in relieving aches and chills associated with a fever. It soothes inflammation and kills harmful bacteria, it is also full of vitamins A, C & K. It is antibacterial stimulates the circulatory system and its also antiviral.    

EHCHINACEA TEA – This wonderful tea has been used for years to prevent cold and flu. It helps the immune system to work harder in preventing you from getting sick.  You can find echinacea can be found in capsules powders, loose leaves and tinctures. My recommendation is using the loose leaves to make tea.             

These are just a few of the amazing herbs that God provided for us to improve and boost our immune system. Have you ever used any of these teas? Which tea have you tried and which is your go to tea?. Posts will be made in getting into more details about these herbs so stay tuned and subscribe!!. Thank you so much for reading. Share with a friend so they can know about these amazing herbs. If you’ve tried any of these teas that I have recommended do let me know.

LOVE, LIGHT & BLESSINGS,                                                                                                                                                    K.E.L

Teas to boost your immune system


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