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Suetanya Mchorgh is an entrepreneur, graphic designer, blogger and influencer based in Jamaica. She has taken the internet by storm and I’ve seen her growth over the years I must say I am so proud of her. After being laid off from her job as you’ll read more about that later, she was pushed to find ways and means to have a steady income stream.

Hey, there my loves welcome to the first story of inspiration for 2023! If you are not following Suetanya Mchorgh you can follow her on her various pages linked below.

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What pushed you the quit your 9-5?

Despite how tired I was from living paycheck to paycheck I stayed at my 9-5 because I was afraid to step out on my own. I had all these what if’s floating around in my head . One day, the same 9-5 I was afraid to leave laid us all off and I was forced to fen for myself. I started my business with the skills I had and the rest is history.

From being laid off to full time entrepreneur

How has content creation and graphic designing impacted your life?

My content creation endeavours has changed my life tremendously. It’s allowed me to live life on my terms. I feel like I’m living my purpose and that’s the best feeling in the world. I can enjoy life and work in a field I love.

How do you stay grounded and consistent?

My parents instilled great values in me that never left me and in my adult years, I’ve always leaned on God. He’s always kept me.

What do you look forward to for 2023?

I look forward to more growth, happiness and success in 2023.

What are the goals that you have for your businesses?

I want to expand my business in 2023, hiring full-time staff. So many others businesses and individuals need my help and I realize now I can’t do it alone.

How did you get into graphic design?

I got introduced to graphic design when a client of mine needed additional services. I couldn’t find any available designer at the time to outsource it to so I did it myself and she loved it. Started learning more and officially offered it as a service.

What was the highlight of your 2022?

There are a lot of good moments in 2022. I would say my highlight of 2022 would be the doors that opened up for me and my business.

What advice would you give to upcoming entrepreneurs and content creators?

My advice to an up-and-coming entrepreneur/ content creator would be to understand your why get honest about who you are, be mindful of the company you keep, don’t care about what others think and know your worth.


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Suetanya Mchorgh story of inspiration

This story shows that you can do anything in this world with determination, drive and the right circle. No matter what get up and show up for yourself daily. On the days that are harder than others ensure that you pray even harder. Being an entrepreneur is hard but keep going, all those goals and dreams you have can and will become a reality. Keep writing down those goals and ticking them off one by one.

Do something each day that gets you towards your goals. Celebrate all accomplishments/wins no matter how small it is. As you work on your growth remember to also take care of yourself too. All work and no play will make you dull so each time you get a win, do something to celebrate and reward yourself.

Share with someone who needs this. Remember you got this kings and queens.

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