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Story Of Inspiration ft Gabby S Clarke/Sew Quaint

Hey, there loves, welcome to the first segment of stories of inspiration ft Sew Quaint. Where I’ll be sharing stories that will not only inspire but motivate you. Whether it be health or life you name it, it will be shared here on inspired by kel.

Today I share with you the story of Gabby Sadé Clarke/ Sew quaint or formerly known as the quaint boss. I discovered her Instagram page a couple of years ago from another blogger and I’ve been following her ever since.

One dream I’ve always had was to do a LIVE with her and we did so last week and it was a whole vibe!!. Next is to become acquainted with one of her amazing designs!!!. She is a self-made fashion designer who makes African-inspired bags, clothing and swimwear. Lately, she has expanded her horizons in sharing design patterns with her audience so others can learn to sew their clothing.

Gabby Sadé went from being a university dropout to a successful entrepreneur. She is a graduate of Alfa High school. She also went to St Georges School for boys to do 6th form and then she made her way to the University of the West Indies. Gabby applied for medical school but she didn’t get in however she was placed into another science program. It’s not what she wanted to do and was hesitant if she should go to college. Wondering if she should take a gap year but then her mom said no.

I Quit University ft Sew Quaint

In going to college she transferred from biochemistry into dentistry as she was following the status quo. She wanted to pick that thing that would pay well, that people would praise her for. That career that would allow you to drive a good vehicle, have a nice house and family, that career that would qualify her as someone. After 1 year of uni that’s when Quaint started.

She started sewing clothes for herself as well as altering clothes for others. Juggling school plus sewing was hectic and so she started to focus more on her studies. She got her first or on January 7th 2016. She started gaining a lot of traction when she got an interview on Smile Jamaica that helped to blow up her brand. Her dad bought her, the first industrial machine she owned. Continuing to work on her brand to pay for school. In having a spiritual awakening she then decided to do quaint full-time and quit school.

Her mom was disappointed and they did not agree on anything she decided to move out and go on her own and spread her wings. And here she is today a successful self-made designer. In the end, she made her parents so proud, she may not have Dr. a credential or what society thinks she should have done. But guess what she is successful and doing the damn thing!!. Create your reality, do what you love and not what others or your parents want you to do.

You can watch her full video below.

Sew Quaint Success Story

In her video, she reminds us that you don’t have to get a university degree to be successful. I resonate with this as I am a college drop out too. You don’t have to do what society is doing or because your friends are going to college means you have to. In this time and age it’s better having a skill than a degree and that’s just my opinion.

I do hope this story has helped you in some way, share it with a friend or family who may need to see this. Remember, you can be anything you want to be in this world. You can follow gabby at QUAINT BAGS, QUAINT SWIM and her main page SEW QUAINT

As gabby quoted

” Some of us are brainwashed to think that the best and only way to make a living and thrive in today’s society is to get good grades in school, get a degree, get a job in a good company and then work until retirement. That’s quite the contrary. As millennials we are choosing a different approach. We don’t need a college education to make a living these days. We’re able to create income in ways that generations before us cannot fathom. We can make money without degrees”.



  • Rochelle | Adventures from Elle

    I know her story vaguely because I remember when I stopped seeing her face around at UWI. Not getting into med school was a blessing in disguise for her. I can’t name a single Jamaican doctor in the public system who is satisfied with their job, me included. I, too, was brainwashed into society’s ideal of what a smart girl should do with her life. Now I’m actively unlearning those beliefs and looking to quit my medical career in the next few years.

    • inspiredbykel

      Oh wow I learnt how bad the system is through Nella’s video, I’ve herd stories but I didn’t know it was so bad. Keep doing what you are doing with the blog and I know you will be able to quit sooner than you may think.

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