Stop settling for less

Stop settling for less than you deserve

Stop settling for less than what you deserve. Many times we settle because “I like him or I like her”. But do you love yourself enough not to settle?. Settling is like going to a fancy restaurant that looked good, but it’s nothing like what you expected when you taste the food. It’s mediocre, bland, no flavour you name it. Not the best-tasting food right? but you eat it anyway because you already spent the money on this expensive restaurant.

Settling in a relationship leads you into more unhappy times than happy ones, countless disagreements that never get solved, disrespect and emotional abuse. Sometimes even physical abuse and so much more. Stop making excuses for another person’s poor behaviour ” He/she is nice most of the time he/she is just having a bad day, so stop making excuses for another’s toxic attitude. Yes many of us have been hurt in previous relationships but that does not give you an excuse to treat another badly. If the case is that you are scarred stay away from relationships and mend yourself before you get into another.

Are You Settling For Less

Settling for less is not being able to be yourself because you are trying to be someone for another person. You’re masking who you are to be with someone who does not appreciate you or love you enough to be you. You are missing out on being the best version of yourself to be with someone who -does not appreciate you. Why do that to yourself? Why not just walk away?.

Yes, it’s hard to walk away because you love this person but you need to love yourself more. Toxic is not healthy, being unhappy is not healthy, and stress is not healthy. Remember this, you deserve so much more than you accept. There is someone out there who will appreciate you and love you for who you are. bring out sides to you that you never know you had. Helps you in being the best version of yourself and so much more.

Whether it’s a relationship, work, whatever it maybe stop settling for less. To read more settling for less you can read HERE.




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