RIU Negril

RIU Negril, Jamaica (Review)

Riu Negril is an all-inclusive hotel which overlooks the Bloody bay beach. It has over 400 rooms. Each room is equipped with satellite tv, air conditioning, a mini-bar with drink dispensers and other amenities. All rooms have balconies or terraces which I find wonderful. Not all hotels you go to have a balcony in every room. This wonderful hotel offers you everything you need for your comfort whether it is for a mini-vacation or a long vacation.

I must say I enjoyed my little mini vacay and I would certainly go back to experience more of their services. When we arrived and took our bags from the car The gentleman came to the steps sanitized us and helped us with our bags. We were offered complimentary drinks on entering the lobby while we went and checked in. The lady at the front desk was so kind and patient with us as she checked us in. One thing I admired was everyone was friendly and welcoming.

Negril All-Inclusive Hotel

We got our keys to our room and then the rain started pouring!!. the only con was to get to our room we had to walk in the rain. When we got to our room it was fresh and so clean and with covid protocols things were sealed showing that they are sanitized etc. We were a bit tired as we were coming from work and then came straight to Negril so we relaxed a little and then got ready for dinner. The view while walking to dinner was so beautiful and with the fresh crisp air from the beach, it was just a breath of fresh air that was much needed. Before we went to dinner we stopped and got a drink by the bar and then headed to the main food area for dinner.

The restaurants were all buffet style and you can choose from many different options. Everything was fresh and neatly placed on the trays. We didn’t eat too much as we wanted to go to the Asian restaurant. I tried vegan sushi for the first time and I must say I fell in love with it. After dinner, they were having karaoke. And at this hotel, is kid-friendly. Even the children enjoyed karaoke night. We sat by the bar and every person who was working that night would pass by and ask if we were ok. They’d ask if we needed another drink etc.

Hotel RIU Negril

We eventually left and went to the sports lounge where we got a nightcap and snacks. The sports lounge runs 24hrs just in case you get hungry in the middle of the night. You can get sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos and other snacks. After we left the sports lounge we then called it a night as we were tired.

The next morning we woke up early to go to the gym, yes we went to the gym on vacation and it was such a refreshing workout. We requested to get our room cleaned as we didn’t get to do the room tour the night before. When we got back from breakfast she was just reaching to clean the room and she was so patient. We had an amazing day and the food was on point for the whole weekend. After breakfast on Sunday morning we went to play tennis and then we started prepping to leave and yes we went to the pool and the beach.

Overall I must say this hotel is underrated and needs to be talked about more. The customer service I give 5/5. The food I enjoyed was everything I had 5/5. When it came to cleanliness and upkeep 5/5. It was an amazing weekend and for me, it ended too quickly lol. Riu Negril is a revisit for me so I can get to experience more of their amenities as we didn’t get to do all we wanted.

When it comes to activities they offer 3 free activities that you can do. All other activities will cost you. There are also gift shops and a spa. We wanted to get o the spa but we ended up doing other things.

I have to revisit another time. This hotel is perfect for a getaway with friends, family or with your partner. I also want to visit RIU tropical bay which is right across the water, however it is adult only for that one.



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