• TOAST Restaurant And Gelato
    Lifestyle,  Travel

    TOAST Restaurant And Gelato: Review

    TOAST Restaurant And Gelato is a must-visit, add it to your list of places/restaurants to visit or even your bucket list. Before I get into the post to share my experience, I wanna check in with you all, how are…

  • Get To Know Me

    Get To Know Me

    Hey there my loves in today’s post we are going to Get To Know Me a little better. I’m Kerona also known as ‘Kel’ because of my business name and so I incorporated it into my blogging name. I am…

  • Dear Future Self

    A Letter To My Future Self- Dear Future Self

    Dear future self, I know you are a worried head but know that everything will work out. Hey, go relax and take a breather, get out of that head of yours a little. Go and watch Netflix with that gorgeous…

  • Favourite Movies Of 2022

    Favourite Movies Of 2022 So Far

    Hey, there my loves today I’ll be sharing my Favourite Movies Of 2022, what I’ve watched and enjoyed so far. I don’t know about you but I love watching movies and tv shows. It’s one of my fave past times,…

  • Self-care Tips

    10 Self-care Tips For Taking Care Of You

    10 Self-care Tips For Taking Care Of You. #blogtober Selfcare is important in your daily life. I will be sharing with you self-care tips that can help you take better care of yourself. Too often we neglect ourselves because we…

  • When God Blesses You

    When God Blesses You

    When God blesses you, he will make situations come together in your favour no matter what others try to do. Bless others with the blessings that you have received. One thing I’ve learnt is the more you give the more…

  • When life

    When Life Doesn’t Turn Out How You’d Hoped

    When life doesn’t turn out the way you’d hoped, does not mean that it won’t turn out better than what you thought it would be. In high school, you had all these goals and dreams. Want to go to college…

  • There Is Light

    In the Midst of Darkness There Is Light

    Amid the darkness, there is light even when you don’t see it. Because you don’t see a way out the darkness is like an illusion, focus on seeing light and you will. Just like the saying says, ” There is…

  • Chlorophyll

    Chlorophyll Drops Benefits

    I first discovered liquid chlorophyll on TikTok where someone was speaking about its benefits and how they use it. Out of curiosity, I decided to do some more research as I know I learnt about it in science class as…