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My Favourite Vitamins, Supplements

Hey there, my loves, today I’ll be sharing my favourite vitamins/supplements that I take with you. I know there are many out there on the market and you may start pondering which one is better?!?!. For me, I’ve realized that the gummy vitamins work better for me than the capsules. My favourite vitamins, supplements to take are the Vitafusion Women’s Gummy Vitamins and the Natures Bounty Zinc Gummies. Last week I discovered the Women One A Day in gummy form!!. I always take women one a day but I always took the tablet version, however the last time I did I was not digesting it as I use to so finding the gummy version has been a lifesaver.

Vitafusion Women’s Gummy Vitamins

Vitafusion Women's Gummy Vitamins

This vitamin is great for energy metabolism and bone support. It contains excellent sources in vitamins A, C, D&E. It is rich in 6 B vitamins, has 14 essential nutrients, and not to mention it is gluten-free. What I also love about this vitamin is it has no artificial flavours or sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, and no synthetic dyes. It’s required to take 2 gummies per day so I take one in the mornings and one in the evenings.

Vitamins, Supplements To Take Daily

Nature’s Bounty Zinc Gummies

Natures Bounty Zinc Gummies

The zinc gummies help in boosting your immune system, especially with covid going on, these gummies are a great addition to use for your daily supplement intake. Zinc helps in keeping your metabolism strong. Did you know that zinc helps with moderate to mild acne? yes, you heard right, over time of taking zinc you will see where your skin improves. These zinc gummies have no artificial flavour, colour, no starch, lactose, soy gluten, yeast, or fish and it’s sodium-free. It is recommended to take 2 gummies daily preferably on an empty stomach or 2 hours after meals.

As mentioned above I suggested the one-a-day woman gummies, so far I have been loving it, for me, I find it works better than the capsule ones. Have you ever used any of these vitamins?. If so, what are your thoughts?.

The women one a day gummies were formulated to support heart health, healthy muscle function, physical energy, and immune health. It contains nutrients like vitamin B12, B6, C, D, E, folic acid, biotin, and more. If you are taking the vitafusion women’s gummy vitamins along with the zinc then you don’t need the women one a day. Or you can do it the other way in which I am currently, taking the one-a-day women with the vitafusion women vitamin gummies.

If you found this post helpful don’t forget to share it with a friend, let’s all work on living a healthier life daily. Want to learn more about the benefits of taking Zinc? You can read HERE and HERE.

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