Middle Rabbit SW-4 Gaming Buds

Middle Rabbit SW-4 Gaming Buds: Review

The middle rabbit SW-4 gaming buds have been nothing short but amazing so far. I accidentally put it to the test of being waterproof. Short story time before I continue. Living in the Caribbean, they turn the water off from time to time, so I was filling a bucket with water when I just got it. In taking up the pan one of the earbuds fell in the water!!!. I started worrying, and even a few tears started to fall that I didn’t even do the review yet, not remembering it was waterproof!!!. I dried it off and left it for the rest of the day until it dried. Ok so on to my full review.

These earphones have zero latency means it’s easy to connect, unlike other earphones. I’ve used other Bluetooth earbuds and it took forever to connect. Having to keep trying to search for it to connect. With these Middle Rabbit buds, I don’t have that problem.

The battery life does last very long, I can go half the day or more before the battery gets low. Also, I use one earphone at a time so when one is dead I can use the other. I get a full day to use them.

These amazing earbuds use touch operation. The touch is at the top of the earphones. Tapping one answer or ending the call and using the music control are different. All the details come from the quick start guide.

My laptop has a Bluetooth connection so I don’t need to use the USB cable to connect and as mentioned it has a USB c dongle.

What comes in the package


Charging case

USB-C dongle

USB-C charging cable

USB C (female) to USB-A (male) adapter

Extra silicone ear tips.


These middle rabbit SW-4 Gaming Buds are the best I’ve seen so far, it’s not only perfect for gaming but also perfect for working, listening to music etc. To know more check out my post on inspiredbykel.com #gamingbuds #gamingearbud #middlerabbit #amazonfinds2023 #techtiktok

♬ Whoopty – Robert Cristian

Middle Rabbit Gaming Buds

In the package, you also receive a customer service card. Highlighting popularly asked questions, thanking you for your purchase as well as all their social media.

Overall I must say the Middle Rabbit SW-4 Gaming Buds are amazing and a must-purchase. When gaming the sound is enhanced especially when playing American truck in my case. These buds are not only perfect for gaming but also for working too. I use them for both work and gaming. The cost to me is affordable for the quality you receive.


Driver Diameter: 10mm moving coils

Impedance: 16

Sensitivity(S.P.I): 105dB (1kHz/1mW)

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20K Hz

Audio codec: SBC, AAC

Transmission: 10m

Playing Time: (TWS): 8H * 3

Charge Time (TWS): 1.5H

Waterproof level: IPX5

Battery capacity: 70 mAh x 2 (TWS)

470 mAh (charging case)

Dimension: 55×55 x 27 mm (charging case)

36×22 x 24 mm (TWS)

If you are looking for compact gaming buds or just great quality buds for work these Middle Rabbit Gaming Buds are for you. Have you ever heard about this brand? Based on all you have read would you purchase them?

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