Love Comes In Unexpected Ways

Love sometimes comes in unexpected ways. Some may think love only comes around once in a lifetime, but I think it comes around more than once. Sometimes it all works out and you spend forever together. While some are just lessons as you go along life’s journey. Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down just get back up and keep going. One day you will get that love that you deserve.

Life can take a turn when you least expect it. When you thought all hope was gone and you’d never find love. Then there it comes so unexpectedly, so genuine so pure, and not toxic. You found your best friend or he found you, well let’s say you found each other. Sometimes the person you are scared of giving that chance can turn out to be so much more than you expected.

Love comes in many forms and some may go through the journey of meeting quite a few wrongs before they meet the right person. In some cases the person was always there you were just too blind to notice or scared to take that chance. God allows us to learn lessons and go through things to make us stronger and better for the right person. I know in your mind you do have regret sometimes about your past. When you think about it, it hurts you all over again. You even start questioning yourself, how did I get myself in that situation, what was I thinking?.

Unexpected Love

One thing I’ve learned is that when you are a genuine person you are not judgmental and that’s what makes you miss the red flags at times. You see the good in others instead of the bad. You accept people for who they are thinking that well the person being around you will adapt over time. A person will never change if they don’t see it in themselves that they need to change.

You are so used to the hurt and pain, the toxicity that when there is something pure and genuine it scares you more than you’ve ever been scared. When you should be running to dive in. When pure genuine love hits you, it is and will be more than you ever imagined. It will be more than you ever expected, even exceeding your expectations. One thing I will leave you with is, ensure you are healing from past traumas or have healed before you enter something new. If you have not fully healed ensure the person you’re with is someone who takes into consideration your mental and emotional health.

Remember you deserve genuine, pure love. You deserve that extra happiness in your life and never let anyone tell you otherwise.



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