There Is Light

In the Midst of Darkness There Is Light

Amid the darkness, there is light even when you don’t see it. Because you don’t see a way out the darkness is like an illusion, focus on seeing light and you will. Just like the saying says, ” There is always light at the end of the tunnel”. There are times in our lives when we are going through tough times and we feel there is no way out. We don’t see a way out because all our brain believes there isn’t. But if we sit and figure it out there is always a way out.

There have been many times when situations arise and you try to be calm about it but then anxiety and fear set in, and then comes the ‘overthinking’. Overthinking can be good and bad. It makes you think of every scenario possible but the downside is, that you end up looking at a scenario that’s next to impossible. After you thought of all possibilities your brain chooses to look at the scenario where you can’t see a way out. You are drawn to the negative outcome instead of the positive outcome. Break through those negative thoughts and focus on the positive ahead. In focusing on the positive you just broke that illusion of darkness and allowed light to shine to show you the way out.

There is light

When going through that dark phase, always talk to God. In everything you do talk to him because he will bring you through the darkness so that you can see that there is light. In everything stage and phase of your life keep God first. Without God, there is no light. On those days when all you see is darkness pray and ask for guidance. Whatever situation you are going through, you will receive your breakthrough. It may seem hard and impossible right now but there is light. Trust and believe that it is coming and it will.

Having hope through your dark times is what will help you through. In hope, there is always love. Remember darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can. Sometimes it’s when you are at your darkest moment the light starts to shine. This is why having hope is important. While you are going through your darkness if someone is struggling along the way and you can offer help do so. You can’t always pull through by yourself, accepting help and giving help is ok. Pulling through those dark times with someone can help make the journey a bit lighter.

Shine your light amid the darkness.

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