Home Remedies For Cold & Flu

Home Remedies For Cold & Flu

It’s sinus, cold and flu season with the weather change. During winter season you are more likely to catch a cold than other seasons. Today I will be sharing with you home remedies for cold/flu. These are remedies which will help to cure your cold/flu faster, while also boosting your immune system.

Cold and flu home remedies

Garlic – It is known as a natural antibiotic. As well as it helps with colds, coughs, boosting the immune system and also helps with intestinal infections. You can use natural garlic to make garlic tea or you can take garlic oil tablets

Salt Water – You can mix salt water and use it to gargle for sore throat, preferably done warm. Another thing you can do is to pull the salt water up into your nose and then hold your head back and let it run down. After you’ve let it run down you pull down everything and spit it out. Thalso helps in relieving stuffy nose and clears the air ways.

Ginger – Ginger root is excellent for sore throat, cold and flu. It contains antioxidants that helps to relieve congestion and soothes your throat from the pain. When having ginger tea you can add lemon or just mix it with honey.

Lemon/lime and honey – Squeezing half a lime or lemon and adding a little honey then mixing it together and swallowing helps in soothing your throat. You can swallow it as is or add warm water to it and drink it, which ever you prefer.

Remedies for cold and flu

Cayenne pepper – For me this is a remedy I always reach for if I feel like I’m having a sore throat. I simply put a little cayenne pepper in a tea cup and add hot water and drink it. After it wears off I can tell you your sore throat will be gone. Just be careful not to add too much cayenne pepper. Do not do it too often as it is a blood thinner. You can read up more about cayenne pepper HERE

Elderberry extract – It can come in the form of powder, syrup or gummies. It helps in activating the immune system which helps cold and flu viruses from invading your cells. And helps with reducing respiratory conditions.

Have you ever used any of these home remedies for cold and flu?. Which one have you tried? What have you used that I have not written down?. Share with someone who may need to see this.



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