Happy New Year Loves

Happy New Year Loves

Happy New year Loves!!!. 2022 was an amazing, bitter, sweet year. I’m grateful for all the highs, lows, and all it had to offer. I look forward to all 2023 has to offer, how about you? 2022 for me started amazingly but at the same time rocky. For 2023 I look forward to all it has to offer. Focusing on all I need to and creating a life pleasing to God.

For 2023 there is so much I want to improve on when it comes to my businesses and my crafts. For my beauty store Kel’s Your Body & Mine, I want to launch new products as well as get my products out more, as I offer worldwide shipping and islandwide shipping for those who live in Jamaica. I also want to do more pop-up shops etc. I have so much in mind. I’m just gonna be patient with myself and put in the work.

New Year Thoughts

I’ve had my level 4 event coordinator certification since 2019 and I’m going to finally start using it. I look forward to this new journey and all it offers. I plan on also doing more art as art is one of my hobbies that pays me and has so much potential to be more. Art for me gives me peace it takes me to a place of no worry. Creating and seeing people’s reactions to my work makes me happy. Hoping to see my art in many places this year, even shipping internationally.

Lastly, I look forward to re growing my blog for all my old blogging friends I’ve been blogging since 2014 and this is my 4th blog. The third blog I took seriously and it was doing well until I lost my blog right before the covid hit in 2020, I took a year and some months break restarted in 2021 and did a whole rebranding, name change, new Instagram page etc. So I look forward to the growth of this new blog. Looking forward to many collaborations and so much more. I have so much in store and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Again Happy New year Loves. Praying that we will all have a wonderful year and that as we go along we will be patient with ourselves. Take your time, write down your goals and work on accomplishing them. Nothing happens over night but with consistency, we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Lord, I seek direction in the new year,
I pray that you will direct me in the name of Jesus.
Lord, I refuse to work in darkness in the coming year,
So please light my path and teach me the right thing to do.

I pray that your spirit will be my guide in the coming year.
I pray that your Holy Spirit and power will protect my family, friends, and me in the new year in the name of Jesus

This prayer was written by The Graceful Chapter you can check out the page for many other prayers.

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Until next time loves


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