Dreams Can Become A Reality

Dreams Can Become A Reality

I am a living testimony that dreams can become a reality. I am writing this post today to share that almost all my dreams have become a reality. For those who don’t know me, I’m Kerona or Kel. I’m the owner behind Inspired By Kel and not only a blogger but also an entrepreneur, artist and event coordinator.

In 2014 I wrote in my book of goals that I wanted to have a beauty store, which became a reality with some help in 2017. I honestly did not see my life the way it is today but God’s plan doesn’t always align with the plans we have for ourselves. My beauty store Kel’s Your Body & Mine started as a brick-and-mortar where I sold cosmetics, skincare and haircare products from many popular brands. I also moved my store to another location and it started doing even better than the location I was at previously.

Some friends would start saying why don’t you just have your brand. I’d say no I’m just gonna stick with what I’m doing right now. In 2019 I closed my brick-and-mortar after some of my products got stolen. And also I just thought the business was not doing as well as I thought It should be so I packed up everything and put my business online. While settling into the online world, I decided to start my branding of soaps.

Kel’s Your Body & Mine

2020 honestly didn’t start well for me, my phone got damaged. I lost my blog which was previously Ms Sparkle & Glow. When things could not get any worst my business phone stopped working too. I had to improvise and only get back a business phone and then COVID struck. With covid on the rise I decided I wanted to turn my business around to only having my brand. I then started selling out all makeup products and other haircare and skincare items.

As I went along I started rebranding and also started making some of my products while also having private suppliers for some. I almost gave up on my store when I saw that it was not going well. Have I felt like giving up since then? Yes, I have. I have felt like giving up more times than I can count this week. While my baby is 5 years old almost 6 I’d say she’s gonna turn 3 as I rebranded in covid to my brand if that makes sense.

My store isn’t where I want it to be but I am proud of myself for how far I’ve come and for not giving up! Despite I have wanted to give up many times and close the store. Hearing from others not to give up has helped a lot. I pray every day that Kel’s Your Body & Mine will get the much-needed boost it needs and that it will grow like never before. I feel so happy when others message me about a product and how much it has helped them or their children. Each day I feel more grateful for my store as I can help someone with their skin or hair.

Dreams Come Through

I’m so anxious but happy about what’s to come with my store. As I have so much more in store. Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way and I look forward to new customers!!. I offer worldwide shipping.

Know that whatever your dream is, it can become a reality. You may not be where you want to be right now. Life may not be going how you think it should be going but it’s never too late for dreams to come through. Success doesn’t have an age. Your time is coming if it hasn’t as yet. Know that where there is a will there is a way and your dreams can become a reality.

I will speak more about other things I do in another post so stay tuned!! If you have not read my previous post you can read it HERE.




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