Dear Future Self

A Letter To My Future Self- Dear Future Self

Dear future self, I know you are a worried head but know that everything will work out. Hey, go relax and take a breather, get out of that head of yours a little. Go and watch Netflix with that gorgeous partner of yours. Keep working on all your goals and dreams day by day. I know sometimes you get down and feel like you are not accomplishing enough. Guess what you are doing so much that you have dreamt of and for that, I am proud of you. You’ve accomplished so much and have done so much.

Continue to make your business a success, growing and improving day by day. You are doing so excellent with your art and crafts and I see you have expanded, you go girl!!!. You continue to surprise me day by day with continued growth and maturity. So much has happened for you and as you continue on your journey with God he continues to answer your prayers.

Dear future self, Girl, I remember you are saving to build your dream home. I can just imagine it as complete as how you want it and know that it won’t be the exact way you want it overnight. It’s going to take work. You are even stepping outside of your comfort zone in so many ways and doing all the things you love. The blog has been doing amazing and you are helping people daily, not to mention the expansions you have done, just wow. Proud is an understatement.

I know there is so much more that you want to accomplish. Remember life is not a race so just take things day by day. Live in the moment and continue to enjoy the moments you have with your friends and family. You will make mistakes and that’s ok. That is how you learn and you grow. We will talk next time. Until then love you always and keep learning to love yourself too.

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