• Wild Spirit Fragrances

    Wild Spirit Fragrances | Cruelty Free, Vegan|

    Wild Spirit Fragrances is independently owned and female-co-founded. Their mission is to create affordable luxury fragrances for the value-savvy beauty shopper. All their products contain natural essential oils. Their brand is cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, sulphate-free, and dye-free. Their fragrances are…

  • Dreams Can Become A Reality

    Dreams Can Become A Reality

    I am a living testimony that dreams can become a reality. I am writing this post today to share that almost all my dreams have become a reality. For those who don’t know me, I’m Kerona or Kel. I’m the…

  • Middle Rabbit SW-4 Gaming Buds

    Middle Rabbit SW-4 Gaming Buds: Review

    The middle rabbit SW-4 gaming buds have been nothing short but amazing so far. I accidentally put it to the test of being waterproof. Short story time before I continue. Living in the Caribbean, they turn the water off from…

  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

    Valentine’s day is approaching and while many celebrate some don’t. While some don’t celebrate the day it would still be nice to get your special person a gift. I will share gift ideas with you for her whether she celebrates…

  • Café Veá
    Lifestyle,  Travel

    Café Veá, Black River Jamaica : Review

    Hey, there loves, I know that teaser of Café Veá makes you want to know more about it right?!?!. Café Veá is located at Pyramid Plaza shop 13-15, 24 Central Rd, Black River, St Elizabeth, Jamaica. Looking from the outside…

  • 20 Morning Affirmations To Start Your Day

    20 Morning Affirmations To Start Your Day

    Hey, there my loves today I’ll be sharing with you 20 morning affirmations to start your day. The way you start your day sets the tone for the whole day. It’s important to start your day on a positive note.…

  • Happy New Year Loves

    Happy New Year Loves

    Happy New year Loves!!!. 2022 was an amazing, bitter, sweet year. I’m grateful for all the highs, lows, and all it had to offer. I look forward to all 2023 has to offer, how about you? 2022 for me started…

  • 10 Things 2022 Taught Me

    10 Things 2022 Taught Me

    2022 has taught me so much but today I’ll be sharing with you 10 Things 2022 taught me. I don’t know about you but there were a lot of lessons learned and many wins too. 2022 Taught Me These are…

  • Life Lessons

    Life Lessons : Episode 1

    Each day we learn life lessons. We learn from mistakes we learn so much but then one simple mistake can throw everything away. Today I learnt that we all need to listen to each other more. Listen to another person’s…