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Café Veá, Black River Jamaica : Review

Hey, there loves, I know that teaser of Café Veá makes you want to know more about it right?!?!. Café Veá is located at Pyramid Plaza shop 13-15, 24 Central Rd, Black River, St Elizabeth, Jamaica. Looking from the outside you’d never know that there’s a Café there but when you enter it’s simply serene and cozy. Their opening hours are from Mo -Fri 7 am – 9 pm. Sat 9 am-10:30 pm. Sun 2 pm-7 pm.

Walking in you’re greeted by a staff member welcoming you and then you can choose where you want to sit. At first, we were wondering if we should get up to do our order or wait for someone to come to us. However, we didn’t see a menu and so we got up and asked and it was explained to us why there wasn’t any. We were told what was on the menu and then we sat down to figure out what we were gonna eat. We decided to get different orders so that we could try a variety of things on the menu. Our server came over and took our order and she was very pleasant I must say.

Café Veá

We then decided to take a few pics and videos for content and wow everything was simply beautiful. Even the restroom was beautiful!!. Everything was well thought out and put together. The bookshelf area with the seating is so cozy, it is a perfect location for those who work from home or you just need a change of scenery to get some work done. As their tagline says: eat, read, vibe. The decor is soo beautiful, which you will see in the videos.

I know you guys are saying girl hurry this up we wanna know how the food tastes!!. By the time we finished taking photos and a few videos. She brought out our drinks and 2 of the meals we ordered. I ordered the mixed Berry drink and my bestie ordered the mango drink. She ordered a hungry belly burger and I ordered a chicken wrap. They were both delicious!!! I’ve never had ripe plantains in a wrap before so that was different and tasty!!.

We also ordered 2 servings of fries and my bestie also ordered wings which we split. These are the best wings I’ve tasted so far from having wings at different food spots. The cafe serves many other kinds of drinks like Frappuccino and shakes too. They also have Devon house ice cream. They do their cheesecake too but for us, it had more of a pudding vibe. Otherwise, everything else was delicious. I can’t wait for us to go back and try other things from their menu and even utilize the space more like having our little meetings or even getting some work done.

Café Review

A big shout-out to our server. Her shift was over by the time our wings and fries were to come out and she turned back to come and serve us. So sorry we didn’t get her name. She checked in on us from time to time to see if we were ok as well as other staff members did so too.

Our overall thought is the customer service at Café Veá was good. The ambience and vibe were good and the food was wonderful. If you are looking for a new Cafe to try, or just want to have a chill time with friends or your partner this is a beautiful spot to have a vibe. I’d also recommend it as a birthday spot too if you’re having a small intimate birthday. If you have not added it to your bucket list yet, what are you waiting on?

You can follow them on INSTAGRAM. The only con I’ve seen is they only have an IG page no Twitter, TikTok or website yet. It would be great to see them have more pages and most definitely a website. Their contact is 876-483-0088 or 876-235-2609.

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