Benefits Of Elderberry

Elderberry is a dark purple berry that comes from the European elder tree (Sambucus nigra). Benefits of elderberry include:

Support for respiratory health: Elderberry extracts have been used in traditional medicine to support respiratory health. Ease symptoms of conditions like bronchitis and sinusitis. When covid just started and everyone was stocking up on vitamins, this was one of the most recommended to take and many stated that it helped.

Cold and flu relief: The supplements or extracts have been studied for their potential to reduce the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms. It helps to alleviate symptoms like congestion, sore throat, and fever.

Immune support: Elderberries are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, including vitamin C and flavonoids. It helps to boost the immune system and protect the body against viral infections.

Anti-inflammatory properties: The anthocyanins found in elderberries have anti-inflammatory effects. Which may help reduce inflammation in the body and alleviate symptoms of inflammatory conditions.

Antioxidant-rich: Elderberries are loaded with antioxidants that can neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. Reducing oxidative stress and the risk of chronic diseases.

Antiviral properties: Elderberry is known for it’s antiviral properties, especially against certain strains of the flu virus. It may help inhibit the replication of viruses and reduce their impact on the body.

Heart health: Studies suggest that elderberries may have positive effects on heart health by improving cholesterol levels and promoting better circulation.


Improved skin health: The antioxidants in elderberry can also benefit the skin by protecting it from environmental damage. Promoting a healthy, glowing complexion.

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