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Benefits/Best Places To Buy Chai Tea

Chai Tea is one of the best coffee alternatives to use in your home. It has so many amazing benefits and I’m just gonna name a few. Before I get into the benefits some people may wonder, what is chai tea???. It is black tea mixed with milk water and other amazing herbs and spices, sounds good right?. Do something each day that will help you to improve your health.

4 Benefits of drinking Chai

Aids in digestion

It was just yesterday that I spoke about gut health and that ginger is good for your gut. It contains ginger and black pepper which help to improve your digestion.

Boosts your energy – just like coffee chai tea contains a high amount of caffeine which will help in increasing your energy.

Relieves stomach pain and nausea – As mentioned above that ginger aids in digestion it is also great for nausea vomiting and relieving stomach pain. In reading up about chai tea i learnt that no cup of chain is complete without having ginger.

Helps in regulating cholesterol – It contains cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, cloves and black tea and these combined together will help in lowering your cholesterol.

Want to learn more about chai tea you can read up on it HERE

Want to purchase amazing chai you can purchase it from

Chaiwala Chai

Chai Wallahs Of Maine

If you want to purchase the chai tea bags instead of the loose leaves, you can get it on amazon

I hope you found this post helpful. Share with friends and family so we can all be informed about health and herbs that God has made for us to use to health our bodies.


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