Behind Every Smile

Behind Every Smile There Is A Story

Behind every smile, there is always a story. Stories untold and hurt being carried. Smiling through the betrayal, the heartaches and life’s struggles. Not because someone is always smiling and says they are ok means that they are. It’s behind those smiles and laughs that carries a heart as heavy as lead. But we carry it so well and we keep it moving because that’s what we have to do.

Not wanting to cast our burdens on anyone. Not wanting to try and explain exactly how you’re feeling because you don’t think people would understand. Keeping silent because of fear of judgement or being told you’re too soft. It’s ok to be soft and emotional in this cold world that we live in. Don’t let others make you feel like your feelings are too much or not worthy.

And behind all those smiles, hurt and pain are also insecurities, that you try to hide because you don’t want to be judged. With how harsh the world is you rather bottle it in. And even though you’re an amazing kind hearted person. There are times when you feel as if you’re a volcano waiting to erupt with all you carry. You just need someone to lighten the load just a little.

Some people think they know you based on what they see or what you’ve shown, but when you look at it, they don’t know you because you hide so much with all your smiles and the positivity you put out there. You share parts of you and your story, but they don’t know the full story. They only know bits and pieces that they have pieced together.

Untold Stories Behind His/Her Smile

Behind all the smiles you are struggling with overthinking, late nights and early mornings. You try to shut your brain off by getting distracted. But how long can you stay distracted? The distraction works until something else comes to mind. Many don’t understand that people who are overthinkers it drains you and makes you tired and low. And most overthinkers also struggle with depression and anxiety. You think no one will be able to relate, but so many people can relate to you. You aren’t alone we see you. The pain won’t last forever, those smiles will be genuine one day soon.

That feeling of emptiness will leave, and you will be able to tell your story one day it may seem hard to do right now but I promise you once you’ve healed you will be able to tell it freely to be able to encourage and motivate others out there.

Today ask someone if they are ok or how are they doing even if they say they are ok. Be less judgmental, be more understanding. What you don’t want for yourself don’t do to others. Be more kind in this unkind world. Be the change that you want to see so you can smile and be content with that smile. If you have not seen my latest post you can check it out HERE

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  • Molly | Transatlantic Notes

    This is so important for people to understand; that many things may be going on behind someone’s smile. We should always treat people with kindness and respect no matter what we may assume their lives are like. Great reminder!

  • Charli Dee

    Wow! I love this! It’s like you’re talking about me! I’m known for smiling and laughing. My family and friends know I smile and laugh a lot. Some people even call me “smiley”. I’m also known for being extremely friendly. As a child I used to walk around introducing myself to everybody! My paents were afraid I might get kidnapped one day! I’m still friendly and smile a lot, but beneath that is a lot of insecurity. Many who don’t know me very well don’t know that. Beneath my smile is someone with very low self esteem. I smile because I try to hide how I’m really feeling and going through, but I’m learning to be honest with my feelings. I’m learning to be honest when someone asks me how I’m doing. If I’m not ok, I tell the, especially if that person is someone close to me. Thankyou for this deep post.

  • Sam

    Such an important message! I painted on a smile for years but underneath it was a different story. It’s very likely everyone you meet will be facing a battle you don’t understand.

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