Affirmations for positive mindset

Affirmations for a positive mindset

Affirmations are/should be important in our daily lives. On our down days, we should always have words of encouragement that we can fall on to help us get through the day. Do you use affirmations in your daily life?.

I am divinely guided and protected I will get through this This pain will lessen I will be ok and safe I forgive myself.

I know who I am and who I am is enough I am thankful for all that I have I attract positive people and experiences in my life.

Today is going to be the best day of my life and I expect miracles on my behalf.

Everything I touch turns to gold I am prosperity.

I’m worthy of my dreams.

With this new day, I welcome happiness I act with kindness towards myself and to all I focus on what matters I am building a better future.

I am worthy of love I deeply and completely accept myself I have everything I need to survive I am calm and at peace.

Daily Affirmations

I am thankful for everything I have My life is full of abundance and happiness My experiences do not define me I’m proud of myself for all my big and little victories.

What is for me will not pass over me I am confident in my abilities to make the right decisions I accept myself exactly as I am.

Each day that you wake from your slumber be thankful to God. Have your morning worship before you start your day. Focus on what matters and go along with your day. In everything, you do put God first.

Whenever the day feels rough and you feel like giving up just take a break and read these affirmations. Repeat it 3 times if you need to. I’ve learned in life that sometimes it’s better not to plan, just go with the flow. Planning sometimes only disappoints you, especially when things don’t go as planned. Also, you can repeat the affirmations before you go to bed at night after you’ve said your prayers. Start putting yourself first and make yourself a priority in your life. Affirmations are a part of self-care and self-care is important in your daily life.

What are your favourite affirmations that you repeat daily?. Do you use it in your daily life?.




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