20 Morning Affirmations To Start Your Day

20 Morning Affirmations To Start Your Day

Hey, there my loves today I’ll be sharing with you 20 morning affirmations to start your day. The way you start your day sets the tone for the whole day. It’s important to start your day on a positive note. Most of all start your day with God. I begin my day with devotion. currently, I am doing women of prayer challenge where you have a bible verse for each day of January. So far I’ve been doing good I have not missed a day and for that, I’m proud of myself. You can check out the women of prayer page on Instagram.

I start my day with scripture and saying my daily affirmation, daily prayers and praying, then I go on to have tea and do my workout after that I get ready for the day. Make it a habit to have a wake-up schedule. Research shows that once you start a routine then after 2 weeks of doing so it has now become a habit. Saying your affirmations daily helps to reduce negative thoughts with more positive ones and helps you create a more positive outcome.

20 Morning Affirmations To Start Your Day

I focus on only positive things today and release negativity

I will uplift and empower myself and others today

I’m grateful for the new opportunities coming my way today

Thank you God for a new day

Something good is going to happen to me today, something good is going to happen through me today

No matter what I can and I will

There are no limits to what today has in store for me

I’m proud of the woman I am becoming

Daily Morning Affirmations

What I do today will bring me one step closer to my dreams

You are powerful, deserving and capable of success in everything that you do

Today I am prepared to work hard to create a life I love

I’ll be gentle and patient with myself today

Confidence comes to me naturally

I believe in myself and all that I can be

The universe provides for me daily

Affirmations to start your day

I find joy in the little things

Today’s possibilities are endless

Today I will celebrate small victories

Good things are coming to me today

Everyday I get better and better at being happy

What are your favourite affirmations to use daily? Do you use affirmations in your daily life?

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